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30th G class birthday
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Posted 12/17/2008 6:18 PM

Date registered: Dec 1899
30th G class birthday

We are 2 women from France, we would like to participate to the "RALLYE AÏCHA des GAZELLES" in Morocco, on March for the 30th G class birthday.
I did it in 2007 for the first time and arrived 1st out of 40 teams that did it for the first time.
My friend is a professional pilot.
We have the vehicle: G 500, the vehicle needed for that, we have been to Morocco several times.
We have asked MERCEDES BENZ FRANCE for the sponsoring but they just give us their answer yesterday: 2000€ + mechanical supplies+ Press information.
All this is quite ok but we need 22 000€ to participate so we have to find 14 000€ more before the end of the year.
Can you send our message all over the world so that someone can hear us?
We really like to show that this vehicle is THE ONE which is the best for that adventure : 2 500km through the Moroccan desert without GPS just a compass and enough energy and brain thinking to show values such as : RELIABILITY, QUALITY, DURABILITY what is needed today for the companies which want to distinguish.
PLEASE HELP US; there are only Japanese 4WD that participate.
Thank you for what you'll do.
Contact us through: cap.gazelles @ free.fr
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