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Injector timing
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Posted 7/19/2009 6:28 PM

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Injector timing

I have an 1980 W116 with 0m617. I am having a difficult time understanding the injection pump as it relates to fuel delivery. I rebuilt motor and have 345-350 psi comp/ r&r injectors all have same delivery quantity and are popping at 1750 psi. Chain stretch at cam timing is 2 degrees. My problem is I don't have all the fancy equipment to check the injection pump timing, I have done low pressure test and high, put pump on at 24 degrees btdc but when I turn engine over and watch the injector pop it is popping at 0 deg. I understand fuel must be injected according to what I've read at some place before the piston hits TDC. Can some one help me understand how the injection timing should work and at what point the fuel should actually be injected into the pre-chamber, I have already looked at all the PDF files but if you are knowledgeable on this subject I would really appreciate it.
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Posted 11/8/2009 1:59 PM

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Re: Injector timing

You need to take delivery valve out of pump, fit a drip tube and the keep pumping the hand primer pump . Once you get to 24 deg the dripping will stop.
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