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bridge out an ML270CDI fuel pre-heater?
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Posted 12/27/2009 6:17 AM

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Vehicle(s): 1994 W463 G300 Diesel; 1981 W123 300D
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bridge out an ML270CDI fuel pre-heater?

Hi there

Does anyone know if there will be any adverse effects if I bypass the diesel pre-heater? The elbow on my ML270CDI has cracked on the intake side. I have managed to perform a temporary fix by repairing it with pratleys quick steel. If it cracks off again can I bypass it and feed the "cold" fuel straight into the outlet pipe (pipe goes into the Bosch injection rail)? I am in the middle of nowhere and can't get a replacement part straight away. Anyone know if driving for prolonged periods can do any damage if I bridge it out?

Surely the diesel is cold on startup until the radiator is hot enough to heat the diesel anyhow? Bearing in mind I am in South Africa and current temperatures are about 35 degrees C and going to get hotter as I am on my way to Namibia.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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