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HELP....240d clutch problem
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Posted 5/3/2011 9:12 PM

Date registered: Nov 2010
Location: Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada
Vehicle(s): 1976 240d, 1991 190e 3.0 manual, 1984 280ge
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HELP....240d clutch problem

Hey Everyone

I was wondering if anyone may be able to give me some advice on the clutch problem that I'm having with '76 240d (w115). I bought the car recently, at the time is wasn't drivable due to blown brake line among other things. I've replaced the line and topped up the fluid but then I noticed that the clutch pedal is behaving stange. When I press it it seems normal and disconnects the engine from the tranny like it should however when I let go of it there is a long delay (literally like a second or two)until the the clutch finally grabs unexpectedly. When clutch the clutch finally grabs it seems strong and the car drives fine. Also there are no signs of any leaks around the master and slave cylinder.

I assumed that when the brake line broke and the fluid leaked out some air might have gotten into the clutch hydraulics. I tried bleeding the system twice but the problem still exists. Later on I started thinking that even if there was some air left in the system it doesn't seem like it should cause the problem I'm having....if anything the clutch should not let go when the pedal is pressed. Another theory I had was that maybe the pressure plate springs are bad and take a while to grab on when released...this doesn't stick very well either considering that the clutch is not slipping.

Please HELP!
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Posted 7/27/2011 12:43 AM

Date registered: Sep 2006
Location: Federal Heights, CO
Vehicle(s): 1980 240D 3.0VNT
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RE: HELP....240d clutch problem

Something is not releasing. Could be the pressure plate, slave cylinder or master cylinder. Hard to diagnose without looking at it.
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