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Photo DIY: Center Vent/Sunglasses Compartment/Lock R/R.
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Posted 8/25/2013 6:40 PM
G-Class DIY Host

Date registered: May 2006
Location: South Texas
Vehicle(s): '04 G55, '80 280GE, '99 S420, '98 E320, 2011 E350
Photo DIY: Center Vent/Sunglasses Compartment/Lock R/R.

While doing a "Evaporator/Airconditioning Duct" Cleaning with ContraCept Anti-Fungal/Cleaner.... I was looking with a Flashlight to find the holes to snake the tubing down to the Evaporator.... "What the Flum???" There were Two Coins sitting inside the Center Air Vent.

After trying to Fish the coins out, it was apparent there was NO WAY I could get them out.

Well, this would explain the Rattling/Ticking noise in that area, when driving on our poor, rough roads. Between this, and my fear of the stupid things, somehow, falling down into the air box, I opted to surgically Remove the buggers.

Here is the Procedure for R/R the Glove compartment Lock/Opening panel, the Sunglasses Holder Compartment, and the Center Vent.
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