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Photo DIY- Front Brake & Rotor Overhaul
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Posted 10/14/2013 10:33 PM
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Photo DIY- Front Brake & Rotor Overhaul

Although the Pad thickness, and Rotors were WELL within Specification.... there was still a HORRIBLE Screeching noise with Braking.... Yes, I have Cleaned all of the Sliding Surfaces, Re-Lubed the Pads,... All with NO improvement.

This is not the first time I have seen this with Mercedes brakes.

Sooooo, the Main purpose of my Repair-Visit to my Mom's was to Deal with the Braking system.

As always... you must have the utmost care when working on a Raised vehicle... if you don't know what this means... then you shouldn't be doing this kind of work.

Since I was working in "Primative" Conditions (by my Spoiled Princess Standards...) the lighting is poor, and my photos not to my liking, thus.... but you can still get a fair jist of the Procedure.

I opted to go with the ATE System of Rotors and Pads.

As a Note: I spoke with one of the ATE Technical folks regarding "Break-In" Procedure.... they gave the same Speil as if it were a New Car: "Easy Braking for the first 200 miles"... This is the route I took....

This is contrary to alot of folks out there who still go with the "Bedding-In" Procedure, which is quite the rough work-out for brakes.

















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