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W202 C200 Engine problem
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Posted 10/31/2013 2:33 PM
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W202 C200 Engine problem

Hi, hope someone can help.

About a month ago I bought a 1995 C200 (petrol) for £625. Its only done 81,000 miles and has a full service history from Mercedes dealers upto about 65,000 miles. The car is in lovely condition so I was quite pleased with myself for getting such a bargain. Unfortunately, about a week ago it suddenly started misfiring so badly that it just can't be driven over about 20mph.

I've taken it to a garage (on the Good Garage scheme) and they've discovered that the coil pack for cylinders 2 and 3 wasn't working, so it was only firing on 2 cylinders. They replaced the faulty coil pack with a new one, but that didn't make any difference. To cut a long story short the garage have traced the wiring back to the ECU and all seems fine, leading them to think its an ECU problem.

A new ECU will cost approx £1,600 from Mercedes (not actually checked this yet), so that clearly isn't a viable option. The other options as I see it are:

1. The garage have dropped the car in at a local (Leamington Spa) ECU repair specialist to see if he can fix it. For now, I've gone with this option.

2. Is it worth buying a used ECU (assuming I could get hold of one). The garage tell me that Mercedes would still have to code this in to match the car which would also be quite costly (c. £400, again, I haven't checked this out).

Can't think of any other options. Seems an awful shame to have to scrap a nice low mileage car just cos the ECU is playing up.

Does anyone have any other ideas/suggestions, or have experienced the same problem?

Many thanks.

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