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Photo DIY- A/C System "Odor Cleansing" a la "WYNN's" Method
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Posted 10/29/2016 5:08 PM
G-Class DIY Host

Date registered: May 2006
Location: South Texas
Vehicle(s): '04 G55, '80 280GE, '99 S420, '98 E320, 2011 E350
Photo DIY- A/C System "Odor Cleansing" a la "WYNN's" Method

Here in Heat & Humidity-Central... A/C Odors are a bit of an Issue...

Despite using the "Tricks" of Shutting OFF the A/C Compressor, several minutes Prior to Arrival to Destination.... Cycling Throught the Vent Settings while "Very Briefly" on the "HI Heat" mode.... Using "REST" mode on Arrival... etc.

For *ME*? These Tricks WORK! For the Rest of my Family?? Not quite as Anal-Compulsive as I am. Thus: Recurrent A/C Odor problems.

I have ALL 3 of the Recommended Mercedes Cleaning Systems... the ContraSept Air Tool/Wands, the Evaporator Disinfecting Foam, and the "WYNN's" Method.

Attached are the Mercedes Service Bullitins regarding the various approaches to Stinky-Sox A/C systems.

The purpose of this post is to describe the "WYNN's" Method.

Originally, I looked at the actual Wynn's Atomizer Tool? It's pretty Expensive, especially since it is only sourced from Europe: http://www.wynns.eu/product/aircomatic/

After doing some Testing, Trial & Error, and researching the MSDS on the Wynn's Airco-Clean? I have come to the final Conclusion:

The "Airco-Clean"??? Looks like it is nothing more than CAS 64-17-5.... Uuuhhhhh "ETHANOL"!!! Soooo, rather than spend $7 bucks for a 'Shot' of the Airco-Clean? (3 oz). I opted to source near-pure 95% Ethanol (aka Moonshine... Everclear....White-Lightning) for Cheap... Then DILUTE IT 50% with DISTILLED WATER. It works Just as Well as the Airco-Clean!

A few points to Remember... You MUST remove any Filters in the System, ESPECIALLY the Activated Charcoal Filter. When finished with the Service? You must install **NEW** Filters!!

If you want a video of the process, you can view it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpBG2ZYLd6E

Of ALL the various methods? This is the Quickest/Easiest, plus being pretty darn effective.













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