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Photo DIY- A/C Fan Motor R/R
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Posted 11/13/2016 7:33 PM
G-Class DIY Host

Date registered: May 2006
Location: South Texas
Vehicle(s): '04 G55, '80 280GE, '99 S420, '98 E320, 2011 E350
Photo DIY- A/C Fan Motor R/R

Well, so much for the Old-Wife's-Tale about "If the A/C Fan is acting Wonky.... It's 'GOT TO BE' the Fan Speed Regulator"...

After ordering and Installing a NEW Regulator? Still Wonky fan speeds.

Looking Directly into the Fan Housing/Motor (while Dimming the Garage Lights)... *SPARKS* within the Motor!!

After reading some posts (other M-B Models) where folks have Replaced ONLY the Brushes?? Hmmmm, the Methods did not look Satisfactory, to me... especially after seeing Sparks!!

Looking in EPC, I found the Fan Housing/Motor/"Hamster-Wheel" is only available as a One-Piece Unit, and costs $5-Zillion-Dollars$....

Sooo, back to an Internet Hunt ....

Come to find out, you CAN Replace the Motor itself, which is made by BOSCH.

The following post is *MY* home-brewed method of Motor R/R.

THEEEEEEEE most important thing to remember is: *BE CAREFUL WITH THE 'HAMSTER-WHEEL'* !!! Apparently THEY are Crazy-Expensive, as well!!

Warming the Hamster-Wheel, both on Removal AND on Re-Install relaxed the Plastic to Safely R/R without problem.

I also took the controversial extra step to put a tiny Drop of Loctite 496 (a Medium Strength "Super-Glue") to help hold the Wheel onto the Motor Shaft.

A [Relatively] Cheap, and Easy Repair!
















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