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Photo DIY: Front Upper Control Arm R/R
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Posted 12/15/2017 1:36 PM
G-Class DIY Host

Date registered: May 2006
Location: South Texas
Vehicle(s): '04 G55, '80 280GE, '99 S420, '98 E320, 2011 E350
Photo DIY: Front Upper Control Arm R/R

After nearly 200k Miles of service.... the Front Upper Control Arms (UCA's) were in need of change.

Symptoms?? Very slight steering wheel vibration at around 50 mph.

After lifting wheel, and checking for free-play, this is what I encountered:


Because I had recently replaced Lower Control Arm Bushings, and Lower Supporting Joint, plus re-packing/adjusting the wheel bearings to spec... the only 'Logical' component which would explain a 12/6 o'clock free-play? UCA.

After reading several posts about this job, I was a little 'apprehensive' since I don't have a second pair of hands to help with the 'Hidden-Nut' up inside the wheel-well..

In reality?? Quite an 'Easy' job. I don't have gorilla-length arms, yet I was easily able to Ratchet the Bolt in the Engine Bay, while at the same time securing the 'hidden-nut' with a spanner.

What helped tremendously, was the ability to access the Left (Driver's side for LHD vehicles) nut directly from the TOP. A simple small magnet was used to align the nut, just enough to get the threads engaged, THEN place a spanner through the 'access-hole' for further tightening.

The passenger's side was a bit more fiddly... with a few tries at placing the Flanged Nut into a Box-End-Spanner, and carefully inserting without dropping the nut... I was able to 'Feel' the Bolt end, and get the threads started.... Again, All with one hand in the engine bay, the other in the wheel-well area.


I went with Lemforder UCA's.

Also, I did final torqueing with 'Weight-on-Wheels' for a Road-Ready condition.

FINALLY? Take the Alignment Shop for a Hunter-Laser-Alignment.

















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