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98 e430 Transmission Change --- TC Question
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Posted 7/1/2018 8:17 AM
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98 e430 Transmission Change --- TC Question

Hi everyone.  I'm back in the club so to speak, having not had a Benz since my W126 380se.  My new-to-me 1998 e430 (90,000 miles) comes as a one-owner, never-seen-a-snowflake example, yet unfortunately, there are many services that are needed before I can feel better. 

My plans are: All fluids of every type and each and every filter, along with plugs, shocks and tires.  I'll also seek to do some cosmetic work on the headlight lenses and dash cracks, paint polishing etc.  -- Please feel free to add any recommendations that are a good idea in your estimation for a car of this age and history.

For my first job (after cabin filters) I'll be seeking to do the transmission fluid change with filter, gasket and electrical connector.  I'm buying the evacuator and doing it similar to Diesel Mechanic on YouTube with multiple exchanges of what I expect will be 3 or 4 liters each.  I'm buying 15 liters of fluid (001-989-68-03-13-M22)  for my supply purchase. 

MY QUESTION: If I drain the torque converter , and fill it through the dipstick, will I be able to get the quantity of fluid that comes out of the pan, and the quantity out of the TC all in the same fill, or will I need to run it a bit to get some fluid back into the TC?  Is there any trick to this?  Any cautions for draining the TC?  I understand I need to turn the engine on the front nut using a ratchet and only clockwise.  This is a first for me.  Little bit nervous.

Thank you for helping with your knowledge!
-- r0gue
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Posted 7/1/2018 2:45 PM
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Re: 98 e430 Transmission Change --- TC Question

"Welcome back Home"!

My .02?

If you have a T/C drain bolt?

I'd simply do a Drain & Fill. You should be able to exchange 9 liters. Be sure to get new sealing rings for T/C and Pan bolts. Turn the crankshaft 'Clock-wise' when standing in front of the car, looking @ engine.

I WOULD, though, change the Plug 'Bushing'.

Be sure you have a GOOD measuring device, for Trany fluid level check. I dunno' if I would necessarily trust one of those El-Cheap-O 'Made-in-China' knock-off's.


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