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Help!! Buying Japanese w210 1997 E50 AMG
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Posted 7/8/2018 11:20 AM
kiran krishnan
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Help!! Buying Japanese w210 1997 E50 AMG


I need help from anyone in or has someone that can do some digging in Japan.

I've been on the lookout for an E50 AMG for some time now. I'm just coming off a W126 300SE and though it wasn't anything special spec-wise, she is the one I loved the most. I've had thoughts of getting another one, but I want something with a bit more power and with more than 4 gears so I have an easier time on the highway.

Long story short(or long)-
1 Had to be V8, so I looked at the M117... Nope, No 5 speed Auto

2 Looked at M119... Better, But still had 5-speed autos only in the later gens.

3 Maybe M113?... seems like the optimum choice, but was put off by the reduction in power and was convinced by "the 113 is inferior to 119 construction-wise" argument.

4 So convinced it had to be M119... But, oh I wasn't going to put my head in the crocodile’s mouth with the dreaded bio-degradable wiring issues of the early m119s. So it had to be one of the later model R129s or the W140s. Didn't look at anything else because these were readily available in the market.

5 That was, until I came across this gem- The E50 AMG. M119 engine(the last of them, so pretty much as good as the engine is going to get out of the factory), one of the first AMGs(so bragging rights), 5-speed auto & W210(so, I could expect slightly better creature comforts).

6 But…From Wiki: “Production Figures: ~2,870 (production models).”……Great … Went back to the R129s & W140s

7 Then these things started popping up in the classifieds… every few months one would come up, always from the same dealer and always a Japanese import. And always for about $3500 US. Not enough red or green flags to go either way. So I watched a few come, made enquiries and kept track of how much they all went for, just to understand the demand and general value.

And a few days back, another one landed here in Dubai, 56K kms indicated & from the same dealer. Paid him a visit and test drove the car. She feels fine, needs a new set of tires all around, few electricals need some tending to(driver side mirror motor needs changing, passenger front window is a little tight, some trim maintenance etc.).

Typically, I would have a condition report taken for the stealership, knowing full well their repair estimates will be three or four times what I’d have paid for the car. But, I don’t think anyone else would draw up a more detailed, comprehensive & extensive list of what’s wrong with the car. Essentially a full body MRI of the car. It might even provide some leverage during negotiations.

But to get the car out of the port and to the stealership, I’d have to pay for the customs clearance. That cost, which, if I eventually decide I don’t want the car, the importer will not refund.

So, before I make that jump, I thought I’d try enlisting some help from the brethren. I’ve got the VIN of the car, and if any of my friends on the other side of the world can get some info from the dealership there or by any chance know the car… any thing at all… would be invaluable. I’ve also linked the seller’s posting below.

1997 E50 AMG
56,000 KMs
VIN WDB2100721A453576
Listing: https://dubai.dubizzle.com/motors/used-cars/mercedes-benz/amg/2018/5...

Thank you in advance for any input.
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