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560SEC with EZL/AKR ignition
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Posted 9/12/2008 12:27 AM
M.B Spares

Date registered: Dec 1899
560SEC with EZL/AKR ignition

Hello from Australia, in a fit of insanity I jammed a 220kw 560 engine from a Euro spec 560SEC into a W460 280GE. See picture below. Conversion almost done, lots of wiring as I have used all aspects of the 560 loom and the more complex EZL/AKR ignition module. Any way connected everything up excpet for the 260KMH speed limiter which comes from the speedo head and turned the key. I went first go, very happy as i had wired it up using the wiring diagrams for the simpler plain EZL moidule which has about 1/2 the wires running to it. Then after 20 minutes it started to loose power, wouldn't even drive up the small ramps to my 4 ost hoist. Then dissater stopped running altogther.:banghead: Diagnosed as no spark, went to the WIS but can not find any info on diagnossis of this version of the EZL, it tells you how to determine if you have the "increased ouput" version of the 560 but nothing about how to work with it. Can't even find a wiring diagram that shows the relationship of things like the inlet air temp senser, the hall effect sender in the distributor and the four pin coolant sender.........

Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this little beast?? I suspect that the module just died at the wrong time, but before I even think about paying up for the new one what to be 100% sure i wired it correctly.....

Engine number 117 968 12 040982

Module number A006 545 54 32

Any help very much appreciated.

Edited by M.B Spares 9/12/2008 12:29 AM


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