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Oil filter compatability
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Posted 6/13/2009 1:36 PM

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Oil filter compatability

I had posted this on the 210 forum but no reply, the question applies to 603 peeps as well, heres ther copy:
Normall I'm on the G thread but I have recently swapped my G 603td to a 606 dt. Everything is working fine, but the oil cooler isn't circulating. The 603 has a thermostat to the oil cooler which begins to open at 110 and is fully open by 125 degrees.
The 606 oil filter thermo begins at 90 and is open by 110. I kept the oil filter housing off the 603 for linkage and plumbing reasons. Should I drive on it? I have a 3k mile trip planned next week. Is there a general oil temp to water temp rule ? I have no way of knowing my oil temp and dont want to burn up the motor. My water temp is telling me between 80 and 90. How far do I trust this ? Ive pushed the car up and down hills and in city traffic, the oil cooler is not opening, tempo gauge has reached 95 in these pushes, Maybe the oil just isn't getting hot enough to open the thermostat, maybe the thermostat is dysfunctional,
feedback requested.

Im Krash and standing by to hear what you think
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