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Photo DIY- M111 Fuel Pressure Regulator R/R
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Posted 10/29/2016 4:22 PM
G-Class DIY Host

Date registered: May 2006
Location: South Texas
Vehicle(s): '04 G55, '80 280GE, '99 S420, '98 E320, 2011 E350
Photo DIY- M111 Fuel Pressure Regulator R/R

I was out doing my "Full-Body-Cavity" Service on Mother-in-Law's W202.

Because of a "Difficult-Cold-Starting" Condition, requiring a few Cranks in order to achieve a "First Start of the Day", I thought maybe the Fuel Pressure Regulator was at fault.

Although I saw NO Fuel coming out of the Vacuum Fitting? I still was convinced the Regulator may be bad. I had a similar situation on a M119 Engine... "Tested" Fine, but was still bad!!

For $30 bucks? I did not monkey-around with Pressure Testing With & Without Vacuum application.... Simply changed it out! 2 Minute Job.

Now?? Cold-Start is PUUUUURFECT!!





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