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2007 W221 S600 V12
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Posted 1/11/2020 8:57 PM
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2007 W221 S600 V12

I bought an Ambassadors 2007 S600 private limo (confirmed State Dept car on CarFax) in April 2018. It had 55K miles, a Designo leather interior, and had service records since the dawn of time. Also bought a +50K warranty for another $5700. Took the car on two 1,000 mile trips to Florida and back. Did regular maintenance including replacing ABC valve block and hoses, one lower control arm, and a few repairs to the radiator/fans, new tires, fluid changes, etc. Car runs smooth and fast. I love it. Great turnpike cruiser. Faster than my C5 and very comfy on long trips.

Now has 66K miles and getting ready for another trip to Florida. Took it to the dealer and they found another bad control arm (the other side and it did squeek a little), bad engine mounts, and the starter battery was low voltage. Warranty says they will cover engine mounts and control arm but only half the alignment (one side!). I popped for the battery.

Had a few yellow codes for evap leaks but a new gas cap fixed those. Got a code for a crankshaft position sensor (0335) but it was only one time and cleared itself (I am thinking low voltage from the battery).

S600 is by far the best car I have ever driven.
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