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270CDI Transmission Cooling - HELP!
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Posted 3/24/2019 3:35 AM
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270CDI Transmission Cooling - HELP!

Hi all,

I'm trying to fit an extra Tranny cooling radiator to my 270CDI so I can tow without the oil overheating. I've already purchased a radiator on the assumption that the small/existing MB radiator (at the front) would be easy to tap into (simple rubber hoses). But just to be sure I got under the car today to trace the pipe routing. It's very hard to see/feel what's what but it seems that the Tranny oil forward and return lines (steel pipes and connectors just go straight to the Aluminium Heat exchanger box (just behind the oil filter) and the two hoses from the small MB Radiator go off the the left side of the engine somewhere(?). Pictures of this small MB Radiator (on Google) always state "Transmission Oil Cooler" yet I can't figure out how its connected to the Tranny box lines at all.

I have asked before (in another thread) but got no answer. Is there anyone that has this information on the Transmission Cooling System (for my car) that and share this with me?

Many thanks.
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