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PointedThree :  Roadster Forums : R171 SLK Class : Random thoughts after a year.

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Random thoughts after a year.
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Posted 7/25/2006 7:32 AM

Date registered: Dec 1899
Random thoughts after a year.

For Sydney weather, this is a better winter car. Particularly with the airscarf.

The only way I will stretch this car (without losing my licence) is on the track. At 200 KPH on a public road it was rock solid.(Unlike the wife...)

This is one of the most forgiving cars I have driven.

Thanks god the oil issue/controversy has gone away.

Possibly related to the above . The single biggest determinant of satisfaction to me is the dealer . I can't speak highly enough of mine (G Brothers)

I can't believe the fuel economy. From 7.4 l/100km to 11.6 at its worst. And that has about 40% city commute in there.

2 SRS failures, 1 Tyre pressure failure. All fixed with the minimum of fuss. AND a test of the the latest AMG to keep me occupied while waiting.

Maybe, just maybe the SLK63 ....

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