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Fall Driving Tips
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Posted 10/11/2006 11:04 PM

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Fall Driving Tips

Leaves are turning color, crisp air and abundant sunshine make fall driving one of the most pleasant driving experiences - those who may have driven up Taconic State Parkway, Kancamagus Pass in NH, and Blue Ridge Parkway in the peak foliage know what I mean.

We worry so much about winter driving conditions, but the road conditions in the fall season are just as treacherous

A few links to ensure happy and safe driving:




Wet leaves, particularly when the top layer looks dry (a day after the rain, i.e.) but the substrate isn't can be deceiving and downright dangerous, especially when combined with the frost.

Also, with patches of sunlight filtering through foliage, it can be difficult to spot road hazards and oncoming traffic at times.

Keep those headlights on during the day, especially when driving with the sun on your back to facilitate recognition by the oncoming traffic.



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